With great power comes great electricity bills

MYNT | Gardjola Groove

Featured Event

MYNT | Bighi Boogie

Villa Bighi, Kalkara

Fresh from our residency at The Penthouse, we’re excited to share with you the rest of our journey for this year! 🌴

We have decided to close off Summer in a memorable fashion, starting with a unique, stunning venue! 😍

🎧 As usual, our Resident DJs will be on deck duty, with a fresh selection of House & Disco Music! 🎶


Official Closing of Medasia Playa with Eric Morillo

Featured Event

Official Closing of Medasia Playa with Eric Morillo

Medasia Playa

We’ve danced and partied the nights away, but like every season, our legendary summer is about to come to an end. With that, we’re proud to present our final House Legends Malta headliner, the great Erick Morillo.

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