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Hens & Bachelors Suppliers in Malta & Gozo

Venues for Hens & Bachelor Parties

If you’re planning your own hens or bachelor party or you’ve been given the role of an event planner by your best friend or family, make sure to choose the right venue in Malta.

You first need to think about the vibe you’re going for. For example, if you want something relaxing you might go for a farmhouse or a hotel. If you want something low-key you might go for a restaurant or a pub but if you want to go for something a little extravagant you can go for a villa or hall.

Boat Trip for Hens & Bachelor Parties

If you're in Malta for your hens or bachelor's party, why not enjoy a pleasant boat trip or a spot of fishing before the party kicks off? Malta is the perfect destination for hens and bachelor's parties. A boat trip is a no-brainer when it comes to such celebrations as Malta's strategic position at the centre of the Mediterranean means that there's a lot to explore. 

Visit Malta's hidden beaches, discover Comino's blue lagoon and have a good laugh with friends and a beer or two, while enjoying Malta's excellent weather. Most boating companies offer a wide range of activities, depending on the interests of your group. Such companies work closely with the client in order to ensure that it's a trip that your group will definitely remember. 

Laser Tag for Hens & Bachelor Parties

If you're planning a thrilling hen or bachelor party in Malta, you should commence the celebration with a game of laser tag! It's an ideal activity for groups who enjoy an action-packed day away from the normal routine. Essentially, laser tag is an all-action, zero-impact and safe team game that needs no protective gear. Unlike paintball, no bruising or injuries are involved. Moreover, its a stress-busting activity that will undoubtedly decrease the bride's/groom's pre-wedding stress and nerves!

Painting Sessions for Hens & Bachelor Parties

A painting session is an ideal activity for an alternative bride or groom's hens/bachelor's celebration in Malta. Irrespective of whether the members of your friend group are absolute beginners, or looking to refresh an old skill in a fun and relaxed environment, one thing is for sure - everyone enjoys a painting session (with a drink in hand, of course!). 

Painting clubs which offer this service provide all of the set-up materials and equipment, so you and your friends just need to show up without any additional preparations. All classes are taught by professionals who guide you and the rest of the group in transforming a blank canvas into an artistic masterpiece!

Segway Tours for Hens & Bachelor Parties

Opt for a segway tour as part of your hens or bachelor's celebration in Malta and explore the best sites that the Maltese Islands have to offer. Roll through Malta's picturesque city and countryside with your best friends, and discover's Malta's rich history thanks to your segway tour guide. 

If you book a private segway tour, it's largely customisable, and the segway tour company will make an itinerary that suits the group's interests and wishes. There's no better way to enjoy the islands and have a laugh with your gang than to hop on a segway!
Spa and Treatments

Spa and treatment packages are the perfect way to bring people together to celebrate a special friend. Spa packages usually include one treatment per person, access to the spa's facilities and a nourishing meal. 

You can either opt for a spa day for a mini-break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or a full-blown weekender with a full list of nutritious meals activities. It's important to note that not all spas have the capacity to accommodate large groups, so make sure that the resort you're choosing specialises in hen and bachelor do's, and offers different packages that you can opt for.

Kick back, relax, turn your phone off, and indulge in a mindful, wholesome and revitalising bachelor/hens celebration!

Speed boat trips for Hens & Bachelor Parties

Speed boat trips are designed for your travelling comfort. They include tailor-made packages and facilities that will surely take your hens and bachelor's celebration in Malta to the next level.

Allow yourself and your friends to indulge in an experience that combines a sense of thrill and an opposing sense of relaxation. Speed boat trips are intended to keep you refreshed as well as relaxed, so you can use your energy to enjoy Malta's stunning surroundings and soak up the Mediterranean sun. 

Furthermore, a friendly and experienced skipper and host/hostess will make sure that everyone on board is safe and that your celebratory trip goes off without a hitch.

Water Sports for Hens & Bachelor Parties

Malta is universally known for its excellent water sports facilities. Therefore, if you're looking to organise a hens or bachelor's celebration that's equal parts unique and exciting, you should definitely opt for a water sports activity that you and your friends will remember.

Scuba diving is immensely popular in Malta since dive sites are numerous and appealing for any diver. Snorkelling is a good idea if you're organising a hen of bachelor's celebration between May and August. During these months, the sea is crystal clear and perfect for some underwater sightseeing. Other waters sports that are worth mentioning include jet-skiing, kayaking, sea level traversing and windsurfing.

The choices are indeed endless when it comes to including water sports as part of your hens or bachelor's celebrations! 

Yoga Sessions for Hens & Bachelor Parties

Yoga serves as a fun and meaningful way to bring your loved ones together. Including a yoga session in your hen or bachelor's celebration is an excellent way to connect with your family and friends on a spiritual level while also learning a skill that you can take home with you.

A lovingly prepared yoga session takes into consideration that this is a fun gathering. Therefore, unless you and your friends are all advanced yogis, the yoga teacher will take into account everyone's level, and craft a session that's fun, holistic and spiritually wholesome.

What better way to prepare for your upcoming wedding than to experience something as relaxing as yoga ahead of your big day?

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